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“I would highly recommend Lynn. I have bronchiectasis with frequent chest infections and joint pain. Reflexology gives me precious respite from pain and Lynn is so caring and supportive."
Dr Katie Chapman, Claverdon.

"My treatments from Lynn were the only time in my week when I felt truly relaxed. The experience of having someone tune in to my body and help me focus on what I needed to manage my IBS was such an important part of my week. I have taken away with me a better understanding of what my body needs to stay well."
Alex, Warwick.

“I have been privileged to have Lynn using her reflexology skills on me for the last six months. I suffer from arthritis in my hips and also tension and stress in my neck and shoulders. I feel I have benefitted from her skills and my movement and pain levels in my hips have certainly improved over the six months. I have also found it easier to relax and sleep following my appointments. Lynn's manner is professional yet caring and she is able to tailor her skills to individual requirements, she was able to work on my hand following recent foot surgery.”
Sarah, Warwick

“Through Lynn’s caring and expert reflexology sessions I finally found complete relief from the lower back pain and sciatica that I had been experiencing for the last few months. Thank you, Lynn!”

“In an aura of calm and peace, I was able to relax and unwind. I found Lynn’s reflexology sessions extremely beneficial for my menstrual problems.”

“Lynn has made a terrific difference to the number and severity of my recurring migraines. By keeping up regular sessions, I manage to keep these under control to a large extent. The whole experience is wonderfully relaxing and is something I look forward to as a special me-time treat. I would highly recommend her always”.

“Lynn is an incredibly professional, conscientious and compassionate practitioner. Throughout her training her written work was of the highest standard with detailed, comprehensive case studies that far exceeded the course requirements. Lynn was a respected member of the group, her background and experience enabling her to contribute in a helpful and supportive way. Her practical skills are excellent as she works intuitively with her clients to ensure that they receive the most appropriate treatment. Lynn ‘goes the extra mile’ to research her client’s conditions and find the best possible lifestyle advice to support her Reflexology sessions. I would recommend Lynn to anyone for Professional Clinical Reflexology”.
Allison Walker, Reflexology Trainer for Jubilee College - MAR, PRM, IIR, ART, T.A.Th, MET
Hands on Reflexology - Warwickshire